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Today it is cold & has rained & rained & rained & rained & as I sit here writing this it continues to rain. I have spent the day taking photos around the hostel & planning the last stage of the ride. I am told that this is the tail end of a storm that hit New Orleans a few days back and I am reluctant to leave at present.

The Gaspé peninsula will take several days to round & is very exposed. As I carry only the minimum of clothing, I need to be as certain as is possible that I choose the best conditions. There are several hostels on route and many villages but for the most part I shall be in the tent on the coast. Apart from my safety I also want to enjoy this last 1000 + Km.

The auberge has proven to be a great place to stay but I feel frustrated now & want to ride ASAP.

Tonight after dinner I shall do a bit of work on the bike. The rear brakes seem to no longer work which can be difficult at times so I treated myself to new blocks at the local bike shop. Later I shall check the weather forecast & hopefully I shall ride tomorrow or the nex day.