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Where do I begin, It has been a long time since the last entry & for me the project hit a real low. Nothing seemed to be falling into place & I was making little headway. The term FUBAR seemed very applicable. I was warned that for every high there would be a low but never could I have imagined the emotional turmoil that this project has caused. At no point have I considered giving up but I have felt such frustration, mainly with myself & my failings. To get this far has been a real learning curve, one that I shall not forget!!

The project has turned around & it is happening & we are back on track. It is strange how good things can come from adversity, for instance I trashed the bike whilst training & managed to get it to Cyclostore where Justin & Paul put it to rights for free. At a time when I could see no way forward a friend "Paul Griffin" stepped in to run the PR side of things & Another friend "Scott Butler" has come on board to co-ordinate whilst I am away. With very little time to go I am incredibly nervous but so excited.

The training is going well & I am enjoying riding 30 - 40 miles a night. Last weekend Paul & I along with 3 others Nick, Catherine & Lyndsey did the London to Brighton run for the BHF which was great. Completing it with relative ease was a great confidence booster not to mention being cheered home by the 1000's of people who lined the streets.

To sum up, things were down, now they are very much on the up & I know that we will get there & this is going to happen! What have I learned? To be single minded & focused.

Till the next time.