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OH YES! fatty made it.

At approximately 9.30 tonight I arrived in Cap du rosier on eastern end of the Gaspé peninsula. I have ridden for 13 hours & over 200km through hard terrain, my arse is in tatters & I am exhausted. I have cycled from the Pacific to the Atlantic & achieved my dream. On arrival I did not so much park my bike but fell off it. Right now I have the most mixed emotions, feelings of elation & also sadness which I am nursing with a nice Chilean Rose.

I will continue to Halifax to complete the journey as stated for those who have chosen to sponsor me but regardless of what ever happens now I have done it.

To all of you who have helped & encouraged me, both before & during my journey I wish to say thank you. I do not feel that it is important to mention names but without you I would not have been able to do this.

At the risk of turning this into an Oscar speach I shall quit now.

Yours & thank you for visiting my site.

A very tired Greg.