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"Stay safe out there" the border guard calls out as I cycle into America. In Canada they say Have a great day but here in up state New York they mearly wish for you to stay alive.

It looks the same as Canada, the same streets, same houses, same people but this is a very different world to the one that I have lived in only a few short miles away.

My grand plan is to cycle down to New York city via the Catskill mountains, ride north along the Hudson river before turning North East at Glen Falls & crossing the Adironack mountains resting at the Light house hostel at Cape Vincent (where lake Ontario flows into the St Lawrence river) Then cross back into Canada via the 1000 Island ferry & rejoin my wife & Sarah ( my step daughter).

I don't have time to complete this now as much has happened but if your reading this then visit again, it might be a few days before I can write more.