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It’s been a long time since I added anything to this site & I apologize to any & all who may have visited. So how come I dropped off the face of the planet after Trans Canada?

Apart from the many things that have happened since I finished which I shall get too shortly, the ride took a great deal out of me. You can’t cycle across a continent without it affecting you & you don’t know this until you do it. For me, I had so many experiences both good and bad, met so many wonderful people & ingested so much information that by the time it was over my brain was fried. It took me a long time to put all the pieces together & even now on occasions something will come back to me. To all of you that were a part of my ride I can only thank you, you changed my life.

Not only was I mentally & physically tired by the time I reached Halifax I also had lost the feeling & majority of use in both hands added to which severe weight loss meant that I lost strength in my upper body leading to a painful spinal injury & several weeks on my back. The hands took longer to repair!

Do I regret it? The answer is no but I had to walk away from the project for a while.

So what has happened in between times? Well I got married to my long term Canadian girlfriend (Christine) & now I share Life with her & Sarah, my step daughter. So begins another journey.

Now I’m nearly 40 and I’m on the road again this time visiting Uncle Sam. I’m fortunate that both my wife & Sarah are very supportive.

The next few pages are about my ride in New York State. I hope you will forgive any mistakes I may make & enjoy the site & its gallery.

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