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Greg Dawson









Hmm, Fearless? Handsome? intrepid? not too sure about that description but stupid maybe. I,m 38 years old. I work as an Arborist in London England & on the 6th of July I fly to Vancouver with the intention of riding across Canada to raise money for cancer research. I,m no champion cyclist or runner & this is without doubt the biggest challenge of my life.

Why am I doing this? Quite simply because I can & I'm fortunate enough to be healthy. I have lost numerous colleagues, friends & family to this disease.

What is my inspiration? Adventurers like Robin Knox Johnson, Ranulf Fiennes, & Lene Gammelgard. Their drive and hunger for life has always made me want to find my own mountain to climb or ocean to cross.

Why now? A friend died last year, his name was Pete and prior to his death we shared a beer together. I didn't realise as he insisted on buying me a pint that he was actually saying goodbye. During our brief conversation he mentioned that he wanted money raised for cancer research, This is one for Pete.

What happens to the money raised? All of the monies raised during this event will go towards funding cancer research. All expedition costs are being met by me with the exception of a few items of equipment that have kindly been donated.

If you like what's going on here I hope you will visit the site again & maybe even sponsor the event. Shortly there will be an e mail address & if you have any thoughts feel free to write.

Yours Greg Dawson.